Mr. Tutunji

We met Mr. Tutunji on our Saida phototrip. I'm not usually keen on talking up old people because - well, let's face it - most are grumpy. 

But it was he who started to talk to us. A very friendly, old man - unlike the cliché that is grumpy old men. I'm not much of a portrait person, but I found myself shooting him like he was the last old man alive.

And so, here I am, posting a Krikorian-style narrative, about Mr. Tutunji.

Here, he was explaining how the Tutunji family is spread over all sects.
"Because Religion is to God and Nation is to all" he said

He had piercing eyes

A very peaceful demeanor

And, on me, he made a lasting impact.


1. Territory, tell a story

People having a cigarette break shouldn't be sorry

2. "I was making music in my head this whole time"

Said the cousin, to his partner in crime

3. Dreaming of when the morning comes

I'm a reasonable man, get off my case

Just south of here, utopia


آذار الغدار

Sun blaze the haze in my daze I shout it from the rooftop

My grandmother used to take me to my cello classes as a kid

Perspective ربيع بيروت

It's not a political statement.

There's always something happening in or around ربيع بيروت

Last spring I graduated and Shankaboot started

The one before that - my cello graduation, and Food & Feast started

The one before that people were on MSN from under their kitchen tables
(so as not to get shot obviously)

The one before that I became close friends with a certain Mr. Jameson

And the one before that, there was the 2006 War.

ربيع بيروت

Falling Off of One's Name

Quite the long hiatus from this blog!

We're in March - Khent Mard

Soon enough there will come a Saturday when we cruise to the beach, put our earphones on, sip on the beer to our right, open our books, and take the occasional dip in the water (or just run at the waves and crash into them)

There should be a blog that gathers beautiful lyrics from all over and puts them up

Lyrics like

Til' my hip don't hop anymore
If you can say cut and live with the take
Cameras capture weapons in your mind

In other news, abstract photography I really like.

We downed Douma on Sunday, looking forward to the next one

Lastly but not leastly:
Say hi to the voice in the back of your head