Doors & Numbers

I've always wondered what to write with each photo, and I've always wanted to post music on this blog.. This is it, then. 

The typical Arek shot

Another one, from Armenia
Really it's such a beautiful country that you can't not take good pictures

It's all about the pomegranate


... still looking for that kind of color in a picture!

Food & Drink

From picking fruits and vegetables

To a barbecue

To trying to protect what's not been harvested

To Salads and Greens

To Impromptu Yoghurt Freshness

To watering your food

To caring for your trees

To Transporting your food

To your End Product

Starry Night

Saturday night starry night,
I spin I spin I spin so bright

Hazy craze and lazy light,
I spin, spin out of sight

And as I spin the world does too,
Against my spine it goes through

And in this paradox we coincide,

I, for a moment, am still inside