Made a note of it,

Did you write it on your hand

Put a name on it,

To help you understand

Seasons, seas, just smooth signs of change

Waiting to see what the morning brings,
May bring sunshine on its wings

This is How We Do it

Rawad from Bougainvillier Blanc threw this amazing Christmassy thing a week or two ago.

Rania Zaghir was there as well, reading to kids how best to lick an ice-cream cone.

The old people were just enjoying the rain outside, the Christmas inside, and some very good wine!

The weather outside?

And the kids were just awesome

Thank you Rawad!


The world is a skirt I want to lift up

Wonderful weekend.
Got a book by Hanif Khureishi - Intimacy. The above quote is taken from there. The one below as well.

The ultimate freedom is to choose, to dispense with freedom for the obligations that tie one to life - to involved.

Birdie at the office

So this bird came along to the office the other day.. apparently she comes every once in a while for a visit.