Mr. Tutunji

We met Mr. Tutunji on our Saida phototrip. I'm not usually keen on talking up old people because - well, let's face it - most are grumpy. 

But it was he who started to talk to us. A very friendly, old man - unlike the cliché that is grumpy old men. I'm not much of a portrait person, but I found myself shooting him like he was the last old man alive.

And so, here I am, posting a Krikorian-style narrative, about Mr. Tutunji.

Here, he was explaining how the Tutunji family is spread over all sects.
"Because Religion is to God and Nation is to all" he said

He had piercing eyes

A very peaceful demeanor

And, on me, he made a lasting impact.


  1. Mr. Tutunji seems like an EPIC character I think that SAIDA is full of interesting characters good photos and Nice job with the post !

  2. i love it, i have a friend from the Tutunji family, nice post