De-Pressing Istanbul - Pt. 1

And if I ever enjoyed Sinatra
In this cozy sidestreet off of Taksim
Where people roll their tobacco
And drink beer after civil rights demonstrations

Brown and green with a purple haze
Of lavender, as saxophones right sounds comfortable

Turkish, here, sounds gentle to me

And the dim lights take me away,
As the nonchalant feel of here
Gets me high

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Take All his Salts Away

Take all his salts away

All silent, all insomniac

All a work in progress

All windows of opportunity

All Closed

All underexposed

All carefully juxtaposed

Referring to scribbles and quotes:

I'm torn and I don't want to. Be torn.

Hello mystery, don't bother to explain

 Blogger is horizontally challenged.

Everloving - A Tribute to Moby

Went down the hill
Other day
Soul got happy
And stayed all day

i will watch the sky come following me
like the rain on my windows late every night
like the hope I have for us every time
it's like the whispering wind in the top of the trees
I see it sway as you come for me

Just dream about
Color fills our lives
Just dream about
Someone else tonight
(Dream About Me)

I would stand in line for this
There's always room in life for this
Oh Baby, Oh Baby,
Then it fell apart, fell apart
(Extreme Ways)

And this is Everloving