Guest Post: B-something in BeanTown

"I was recently in Boston, and one of the things I wanted to do with my camera and newly acquired 50mm lens is to take photos of squirrels. Mainly for two reasons, one, they're all over, and two, they're too cute not to be photographed."

"I tried doing so on several different occasions, but failed quite miserably and was getting tired of chasing squirrels around. A 50mm lens is not very helpful when your subject is scared of you. You need to tactfully get very close, you think it's working, but then they realize that what you have in your hand is only crunched up leaves and not peanuts, so they run away."

 "One day though, a nice guy came along that made this so much easier for me. He had a bag of peanuts with him to feed the squirrels, and as soon as he showed up, the squirrels attacked."

 "They were so comfortable and well acquainted with the guy that they didn't mind my presence at all, they even posed for some pictures. It was a random and very much enjoyable shooting experience :)"

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