I'd been thinking for a while about writing some more on the blog, and Krikorian's
King and Pawn blogpost inspired me to follow suit.

So, what to write about? What I think about?

Ok then, we're sticking to writing about what we think about.

Things I've been thinking about:

A| Cages.
Can we be trapped outside a cage?
Why not?

B| Im-Pulse, and other comforts
It's been a recent passion of mine to twist words into other meanings.

Twi-sting wards

(More on twists in a later blogpost)

C| A bigger picture

Who sees better/more? One inside the cage or one outside of it?
ASLAN what's a cage? Is it not just an overly-dramatized point of reference?
Don't get me wrong, this has got nothign to do with Egypt or Tunisia or other comforts.

. We all need something that allows us the space to see the bigger picture #BlogsMuch?

D| The Friend-ship
(aka the Titanic, #joke)

I guess we're always boarded on this ship, we just have to go down to the lobby

I suppose I don't have the best sense of humar, whatever works right?

E| A fri-end just said this to me:

"Home can be forever."
Well said Sho

F| Net-works

I never thought I'd be a story on the blogosphere

Thanks for that +961
And always thanking the terrorist donkey for his support

G - Threads

. 5 Comments is the most I've gotten on any blogpost. Thanks to the commentators :)

. None of my posts have yet to cross the 100-view threshold, it's going to be interesting to see which does. It's between Intimacy and Trapolos now.. my favorite post?

#Bassed On Treble


  1. I really loved the 4th one - it's amazing how you see the abstract things - keep it up man this blog post was maybe one of best of yours